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The Challenger Experience | Lauren V.

What motivated you to join the challenge?

PJ and I were in need of a hard reset. The challenge is exactly what it is called, a CHALLENGE, something that PJ and I always take seriously when it is within our power to succeed. As many of you know we have been with Reign since the beginning and have done many of the challenges, so we knew this would be exactly what we needed to pull us out of our rut of eating whatever we wanted while quarantined at home!

What were some of the goals you had for the challenge?

I wanted to feel and be healthier. I wanted to feel better in my post baby body, for the third time. It is such a hard process to get through and it was definitely daunting to think about the work it would take to get me where I wanted to be. This challenge was a great chance to reset for long term goals!

What was your experience with working out, doing challenges, fitness? What did you do?

I have been a Reign member since before there was a building to visit.

I met Mesha and Albert at another gym, and worked out with Mesha in her garage after having my first baby!

Since then we have been up and down in our ability to be in the gym like we want to but I was finally getting into the gym 3-4 times per week and if I was lucky once a week to LA Fitness (which I don't really enjoy going to!).

There was a time when I did all the Reign Challenges, then I had more kids, so it's been off and on since then.

What’s your favorite memory?

Not sure where this one is directed so my favorite memory at Reign...watching my kids almost literally grow up at the gym and having them see me be strong and healthy. I often catch them imitating PJ and I which is so heartwarming!

You can probably say our oldest might have learned to walk at Reign!

Did you have a low point? How did you overcome it?

I think there is always a point during these challenges where I feel like "why did I do this?" and this challenge was no different. When I get to this point I try to remind myself why I am doing it and because it is a "challenge" I just do it.

I just take it one step at a time, one meal at a time, one day at a time, and I treat tracking macros a game, then before you know it you're 30 days in!

What did a day in your life look like while in the challenge?

Halfway during the challenge we started doing 16/8 fasting, and it actually made my life easier. I would cook one breakfast for the kids and move on with daily tasks.

At 11a-12p break my fast with a small consistent breakfast of egg whites, spinach and fruit. Then make kids lunch, and a lunch meal for PJ and I.

Then get the littlest to nap. While she was sleeping I'd escape to do a workout, followed by a number of random stuff, waking the baby and dinner!

What or who helped you be successful?

PJ, he has always been my number 1 supporter. It is so much easier when your partner is on the same page as you!

Favorite Recipe?

Nom Nom Paleo Fajitas with modifications. I used chicken breast for lower fat, lower the salt, and cooked in a frying pan. First cooking the onions and peppers, then chicken in the same pan alone. Once chicken is done pull it out and cook down the balance of the marinade. Then combine everything again... oh so good over a salad paired with the Nino Blanco Salsa and plantain chips! (I never tried the avocado crema.)

What was the most challenging?

I guess it was just the change in mindset. I have tried to tighten up on my eating before on my own but would often make exceptions for why I just allow that one cookie, slice of name it! I had to remind myself why I was doing this, who I was doing it for and figure out something else to curb my need for a treat! I ended many nights with a fruit smoothie. It gave me the sense of a dessert and so good, the kids loved them too!

What was your favorite memory from the challenge?

Along the lines of my fav Reign memory above, is when Rei, our 3 year old, wanted to do box jumps like Mommy and Daddy. PJ set up some wood on our stoop and kept raising it as she was jumping up! She got up to almost 13 inches! Best part was she was imitating Spider Man while jumping!

Also I was pretty impressed with how good I felt during Murph!

Wouldn't say the same about the proceeding days but I was proud of my Murph accomplishment this year!

If your challenge experience was going to be written as a book, what would the title of the book be?

I'm so bad at these....I don't know..."This will be the one, this is the change you want!" This is our first first place win!

What is your advice for someone looking to start their journey or join a challenge?

Just jump and take it one step, inch, bit at a time. You'll never regret doing it when it is done, but you will regret not starting when you had the chance.

There are SOOOO many times where I have looked at a workout and dreaded doing it, but I DID IT and FINISHED it and NEVER regretted it!

But I have regretted missing a workout!

So just do it and keep going, make the changes necessary for you and own it!

You got this!

***Keep your eyes peeled for our latest challenge coming out, Project July***

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