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Getting Back To Training Post-Quarantine

With Reign Fitness starting it's reopening process with modified operations, we couldn't be more excited to see our community getting back into the gym!

And with all that excitement...

We've been receiving lot's of inquiries about tips and best practices on how to get back into training, what to be mindful of when you jump back into lifting after time away, and how to expedite results (always a popular question).

Our goal in this post is to give you a few takeaways depending on your "starting point" and give you some perspective on how to plan/progress your training moving forward.

After reviewing all the emails and messages, we were able to break up most people into three separate groups. Individuals who didn't train during quarantine, trained less frequently, and those who were able to maintain frequency with some adjustments.

No Training During Quarantine

Whether it was no equipment or a lack of motivation at home, you might be very excited to get back into the gym now that it's open.

However, the last thing we want to see is you go all out in one workout and be out for a week because of how sore you are.

Coach's Tip:

Frame your return back to the gym with a progressive mindset. Utilize about 2 weeks to slowly ramp up your intensity in workouts starting at about 70-75%. Finishing workouts and being able to recover in a day or two so you can come back to train again is the goal.

Avoid too much too soon.

We want you leaving workouts wanting to do more. Plus, it will keep you excited to keep coming back.

Minimal Training During Quarantine

If you've been off and on with training or working out at a slightly lower frequency than your norm, progression is also going to be your guiding light.

But it's important to consider where you were at before the break, what you've been doing, and where you're trying to get to.

For most, workouts have been incorporating mainly dumbbell and body weight movements which has lot's of benefits however if you're looking to get back under some heavier weights... it needs to be progressive to avoid injury.

Coach's Tip:

Take some time to really gauge where you're at now compared to before the break with a focus on your movement.

How's your mobility?

How effortlessly can you get into the bottom of a squat position?

Can you hold a barbell in a front rack position?

Getting under the barbell and lifting heavier weights will take some time but you will be able to expedite the process if you're moving well. Dedicate time to mobility.

You've been getting in a little bit of training over the closure but what's going to change moving forward? If it's frequency of training, I'd also suggest easing back into intensity so that you don't end up too sore and out for a week.

Maintained Training Frequency During Quarantine

Unless you already had a complete home gym set up, chances are you've had to make some adjustments to your training. Whether it was giving up the barbell movements during quarantine or stepping out of a structured program...

We all had to adapt and for most of us, training has been a lot of conditioning.

But as you step back into the gym to get back to your norm, understanding that moderation in the beginning will be the fastest path back.

Coach's Tip:

If you've been completing the Reign or Shine WOD + Reign Armor WOD (Accessory work) daily for the last 4 months...

Chances are it's going to be tough to get both of those programming tracks in on top of ReignFIT and Barbell.

And although it might be tempting to follow all of these...

My suggestion would be to do enough that leaves you wanting to do more! But again this will be determined by where you were before the break and how much you were able to do during Quarantine.

Slowly adding in more classes or even accessory work over time is a great to gradually build training volume. Always take note of how your body is recovering because it's telling you a lot!

Sample Week 1:

Monday: Reign Barbell

Tuesday: Reign or Shine WOD + Reign Armor WOD

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Reign or Shine WOD + Reign Armor WOD

Friday: ReignFIT

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Active Recovery

Sample Week 2:

Monday: Reign or Shine WOD + Reign Armor WOD

Tuesday: Reign Barbell

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Reign Barbell

Friday: Rest

Saturday: ReignFIT

Sunday: Rest + Active Recovery

Lastly, make sure to check ego's at the door!

Yes, when you get to that squat rack for the first time in a long time... it's going to be really tough to not throw on 80-90% and get after it. However, your body needs time to adjust, the CNS needs time adapt and prime itself to lift like that again.

Trust the process because it's worked for you before but also learn to love this process.

Can't wait to see you all back in the gym!

- Albert

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