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Programming For Success

With such a big percentage of our Reign Community forced to become garage gym warriors due to Covid-19, I couldn't help but be proud to see everyone rally to stay active and do whatever is necessary to maintain fitness.

The Reign Community has been able to come together for workouts in small and safe numbers, get family involved, and re-light their passion for fitness.

What I've also been able to see are some very "creative" workouts (followed by lot's of emails about programming)...

But before I continue...

I want to let everyone know that we've heard you and we will be rolling out a Revamped Reign or Shine Program (Our Online Programming via SugarWOD) that has shifted gears from just the individual with no equipment to offering programs for everyone including the garage gym warrior with a built out gym.

We are evolving with our community and working hard to meet the demand for the services that requested. Thank you for all your feedback.

Okay, back to programming...

At Reign, we utilize a programming algorithm that really takes into consideration a myriad of factors but in an effort to share and simplify, we will break them down into a few sections to help you understand what's going on behind the scenes and what is being injected into our NEW Reign or Shine Online Programming.

10 Modalities of Fitness:

The first thing we consider is to make sure we are equally balancing the 10 modalities of fitness.

  • Cardiovascular Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Agility, Coordination, Balance, Accuracy (Ability to control movement in a given direction and at a given intensity)

Programming Pitfall #1:

The first pitfall when it comes to programming workouts is to lean towards fitness modalities that you like and are your strengths rather than the things you need/weaknesses.

Our goal is to always provide balanced training and even allocating a bit more time on weaker areas. (When we go through a 6 weak program, we may be focusing on an area that needs more attention.)

Functional & Balanced Development

Another factor to our programming is balanced development which really comes down to managing volume and movement. We want to create equal movement over all joints and body parts to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing body.

An easy way to understand this is we don't want you to do 100 Push-ups in a week and not do an equal amount of rowing in the opposite direction some time in the program.

All these movements should be managed to create a functional body that translates directly into your everyday life.

Programming Pitfall #2:

Too often in a lot of programming or workouts just thrown together, I see too much volume for certain movements and not enough for others which create imbalances.

Weekly Workout Dynamics

Training is fun and it's easy to get lost in doing what you love to do but it's true what they say...

Too much of a good thing can be bad.

When it comes to programming, too much of a particular training format can really burn you out or too much intensity can also lead to trouble. The goal is always to train through the entire week and not end up being so sore that you can't move after Tuesday or can't head into the following week feeling refreshed.

Although it's tempting to do a 45 minute HERO WOD every other day, chances are... this amount of volume and intensity if not progressed up to can quickly lead to CNS (Central Nervous System) burn out, mental burn out, and of potential injury.

Programming Pitfall #3:

Too Much can of a good thing can be bad!

Progressive Development

One final section we consider in programming is the progressive and adaptive nature of the human body.

We take advantage of it's ability to adapt with progressive programs for skill mastery when it comes to complex movements and we manipulate programming to be constantly change stimulus in order to illicit more adaptation in the body.

Final Thoughts:

Yes, there are lots of things to consider when it comes to programming but it really can be simplified. Make it fun, balance, and work on weaknesses.

As we move forward in these challenging times, we hope to provide you with more value, more coaching, and more services to satisfy your needs. We now know, thanks to your feedback, that programming is one of them.

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