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3 Tips To Help You Get The Most Out of Your Workout

Rushed to get to your workout?

Dragging through training sessions once the work week sinks its teeth into you?

Or one of my favorites...

You don't hit your groove in a workout until halfway through?

Well, we get it.

Life doesn't hit the pause button so you can get the perfect workout but today we want to give you a few tips to help you set yourself up for success every single time.

Tip #1: Create a Pre-Workout Routine

Whether you train early in the morning, in the middle of the work day, or head straight to the gym after work...

Finding a pre-workout routine that works for you can pay big dividends.

The biggest benefit is the mental shift a routine can provide to help you prepare to move and spend that hour operating at optimal levels to invest in yourself.

One of my absolute favorite tips I've taken from a client and shared with so many others was to spend 3-5 minutes sitting in the car before you come in just listening to some good music.

"It puts me into a good mood, takes my mind off the traffic I was just sitting in, and sets me up for the best opportunity for a solid workout. I don't like bringing in negative energy or baggage into the gym because it's the time I make for myself."

I absolutely love this tip and I've even incorporated it into a ton of other areas of my life like heading into work at the station.

(If you're interested in this topic more, here was an interesting article "How Does Music Affect Your Mood" from

One thing I've had all my clients do prior to any workout or training session is to have an "in-gym" routine.

  • Foam Roll 2-5 minutes prioritizing areas that need more attention

  • Mobilize 2-3 areas that need some attention

  • Warm-up on a bike or rower for 2-5 minutes if you haven't moved very much all day or if it's first thing in the morning.

Yes, these things are important and we most likely even have some specific mobility drills incorporated into the workout but the bigger take home was seeing the mental shift the routine provided as it not only prepared their bodies to train but also got their mindset right to put in some work and have fun!

But it's important to remember that you need to find a routine that works for you.

Keep what works and ditch the things that are just taking up time.

What matters is goi

Tip #2: Fuel Yourself For Performance

If I know I'm lifting heavier, I know I need fuel.

If I know I'm heading into a tough session, I know I need fuel.

It's about setting yourself up for the best performance you can give and without gas in your tank, it's gonna be a challenge.

Ask yourself:

  • "Have I been dragging through my workouts?"

  • "Do I feel good some days, like I can keep going, but other days I got nothin?"

Well, pre-workout nutrition can play an important role in helping you put out your best performance in a workout.

Look to consume some high energy fuel like fruits or quickly digesting simple carbohydrates 30 minutes to an hour before your workout.

Keep it simple, no need to over complicate things and pay attention to how you feel during the workout.

If you're like me, the solution is simple...

An apple and some locally harvested honey will do the trick.

Tip #3: Sleep and Recovery

Don't worry, I won't spend your time here regurgitating the endless benefits of sleep and recovery because we've all heard it a million times. (If you want the benefits written out for you check out this post "Eight Health Benefits of Sleep" from the Sleep Foundation)

What I want to do in this post is just remind you that it does play a vital role in your performance so if you know you're training on a certain day, prioritize some sleep and recovery.

Pretty simple right?

If you're working out tomorrow...

Go to bed prioritizing 7-8 hours of much needed sleep so you can go crush the workout in the morning or have enough energy to get you through the work day and through the workout after you get off.

Dark room, colder, no screen time an hour before bed time...

Yeah you heard it all before.

Easier said than done of course.

What's really motivating is when you see the performance increases once you start doing it. If you're looking for a place to start, pick one day somewhere in the middle of the week (when most of us start dragging) and prioritize that longer sleep night.

Start there, make that one day consistent, and build off of it.

If you're new to Reign Fitness and live locally we'd love to have you come drop in for a Free Workout or try out a Free Week with us!

Check out the Get Started Page or Click Here and we'll be in touch soon!


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