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Fitness Nutrition Workshop

Reign Fitness is excited to announce the first of many learning opportunities for our gym community.

"Fitness Nutrition” is a 90 minute workshop with our Precision Nutrition Certified Coach, Coach Mesha, that will cover the foundational principles of Nutrition and its application to your fitness.

This workshop is designed for anyone just starting with their fitness journey, members who want to supplement their training with better nutrition, and for individuals looking to further invest in their healthy lifestyle.

"I would recommend this gym and their nutritional program with Nemesia! I lost weight in a healthy and sustainable way along with learning more about the macros my body requires. It was eye-opening! Thank you for the coaching and training!” - Chelsea S.

The reality is that we see individuals working hard in the gym, putting in the work week in and week out but the results or performance don’t reflect the effort they put in.

When we deep dive into their Nutrition…

It’s almost always either not knowing where to start, no plan to help them be successful, or missing even a basic understanding of Nutrition.

"This workshop was created to help you build a basic foundation and help you understand how to apply these principles to your very own fitness lifestyle for your goals."


To be clear this is not a class on what you can and what you can not eat. (We will however cover nutrient dense food choices.)

Our goal is to help you understand how foods can influence performance, fitness goals, and how you can manage nutrition for your lifestyle. This is the beginning.

"Fitness Nutrition" Workshop Covers:

  • Macronutrient basics (Protein, Carbs, Fats)

  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

  • Nutrition for fitness goals (Weight Loss, Building Muscle, Body Composition)

  • Debunking fitness nutrition myths

  • Basic Nutrition Management

  • Q & A

“Fitness Nutrition” Workshop Details

Date: Saturday November 18th, 2023

Time: 10:15am-Noon

Price: $35 + Tax Member Price

We look forward to seeing you in November!

Register in the link below:

Coach Mesha boasts an impressive resume with over 8+ years of Nutrition Coaching experience and an endless list of success stories. She’s coached members with no experience to coaching and writing nutrition programs for bikini competitors stepping on stage.


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