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Reign Fitness Picks: Workout Shoes

If you look good, you feel good.

If you feel good, you're on the way to performing even better right?

When it comes to workout shoes and our Reign Fitness picks, we wanted to make sure that we covered all the bases including support, durability, performance, and of course style.

Here are our picks:

A staple in the game, the Nike Metcon has been a staple in the gym for many since its first version but rightfully so. It's a shoe that has proven tough enough for any workout and features a sole ideal for lifting.

They look good, come in different variations, and can be a great addition to your collection but it really does come down to how Nikes fits on your foot.

R.A.D has quietly been rising to the top of Crossfit/functional fitness athlete's list of favorite shoes and we can see why.

Increased breathability and comfort with sleek style. They're also proving to be durable for all the things you do in the gym while providing the right stability and cushioning needed for everything functional fitness has to offer.

We've heard only great reviews from Reign Fitness Coaches and Members who have been lucky enough to get their hands on a pair.

These shoes feature a minimalist design that's both functional and great for in the gym. The flat sole offers an ideal platform for lifting while still providing enough cushioning for cross training.

Nobull offers lot's of different colors and style variations that can appeal to a wide variety of gym goers. If there's a color or pattern you're looking for, chances are they have one that will appeal to you.

These have been a Reign Fitness favorite for both coaches and members.

Reebok Nano There's a reason why Reebok is the OG of Crossfit Shoes.

They've been designing the Nanos to keep up with everything fitness has to offer. These trust worthy shoes have lost some popularity with the rise of fitness shoes but continue to be a reliable choice that checks the boxes in all categories.

The reality is you can move and be active in anything but having the right shoes can make a difference. There's a reason why we don't recommend thick soled running shoes when you come into the gym (improve stability and proprioception) and finding the right pair when you're new to the game can be overwhelming with all the choices out there.

We hope this can be a good starting point for you and that you can find a pair that meets your own needs!



On the road or are you in need of some workouts to do at home where you don't have a ton of equipment.

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