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Struggling To Make Progress In The Gym? This Might Be Why

Fitness can be frustrating especially when you're working hard and still struggling to make progress in the gym.

But it's not always because of a lack of effort.

Working harder won't fix the problem especially if you're investing all your time in an area that doesn't need your attention.

Review some of the most common areas we see individuals making when it comes to seeing progress and results.

Be Realistic

If you're just starting or you've only been consistent with gym and nutrition for few weeks, the reality is that it's going to take a little longer.

It takes time to break old habits, build new ones, and give your body a chance to adapt.

The thing you need to do is keep going, trust the process, and continue to strive for little wins.

You got this.

Progressive Workload

As you build consistency and continue to advance in your fitness journey, it's important to remember that your body is truly amazing. It adapts, it becomes more efficient, and things that were once difficult are now easy.

Do your due diligence and continue to seek challenge.

This means increasing the intensity in workouts either through effort, duration, or resistance.

Next time you're in a class or doing an exercise, get after a few more reps in the time window for that interval or hold that plank a little longer.

Look At Everything Else Beyond The Gym

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, the gym and your workouts make up only a part of the big picture.

It's important to remember, especially when it comes to seeing results, that each of the areas like sleep, recovery, and nutrition all play an equally important role.

Take some time to look at which areas need more a little more attention and reallocate your focus where it needs to be.

Check out 3 Nutrition Tips To Help Improve Gym Performance when you're looking for strategies with your Nutrition.

We hope that some of these common reasons for a lack of results and progress can shed some light on your fitness journey.

But remember that tips and strategies are only effective when put into action. If you're looking for any. additional coaching, interested in classes, and live near the Renton, WA. area make sure to check us at Reign Fitness and Performance.


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