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What's New In The Redemption Challenge 2021

After running 3 Challenges in 2020, we learned a lot!

We learned that things are constantly changing and rather than sitting back hoping for everything to get back to normal, it was time to adapt and start getting creative about how our team can better serve our Gym Community.

The timeline and mission of the Challenge would remain the same but the approach would be different...

Our goal was to find a system that could fit into our 30 day timeline and continue to motivate you each week to work hard, have fun, and help you learn to love the process.

***The Redemption Challenge Tier System***

✅ All Weekly Challenges will be announced at the beginning of each week.

✅ Challenges are broken into 4 different tiers. Each Tier represents a different point distribution.

➡️ Tier 1 | Challenges = 1 point each

➡️ Tier 2 | Challenges = 2 point each

➡️ Tier 3 | Challenges = 3 point each

➡️ Tier 4 | Challenges = 4 point each

✅ You are required to complete all the Challenges in one Tier in order to move onto the next. Directions for all challenges will be posted.

✅ Each week will require a minimum number of points in order to be eligible for our weekly Challengers drawing. Winners will be drawn from the pool of Challengers who have met the point criteria at the end of each week and announced the following week. We have prizes lined up!

Every week provides a new opportunity to get after it regardless of your performance the week before.

✅ This Challenge will still have an overall Winner who is selected based on effort, attitude, challenge involvement, challenge completion %, and participation.

Sample Challenge Week:

Tier 1 Challenges (1 point each)

  • Complete Physical Challenge Workout

  • Complete Nutrition Challenge for the Week

Tier 2 Challenges (2 points each)

  • Sleep 8 hours one night

  • Lift up another challenger with a positive comment posted in our challenge page.

Tier 3 Challenges (3 points each)

  • Run 1 mile

  • Cook a healthy meal

Tier 4 Challenges (4 points each)

  • Workout with a friend

*Note: Challenges will have detailed instructions on how to complete it and post proofs.

It's not too Late...

The Redemption Challenge starts Monday, January 18th 2021! For information on registration check out the launch page here: The Redemption Challenge 2021

You can also email us at for questions or to help you register.

Final day to register will be Sunday January 17th, 2021.

Or if you're interested, sign up today!

Click here for: Member Registration

Click here for: Non-Member Registration


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