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Essential Strategies To Help You Be Successful In A Fitness Challenge

With the Reign Fitness Sprint To Summer Challenge starting on Monday, May 14th, 2018 we wanted to share some strategies that have helped the most successful challengers.

And whether your goals are to lose weight, build lean muscle, or even just get back "on" it...

I know that these will help you in any fitness journey.

Strategy 1 | Meal Prep

Meal Prep is simply cooking and creating meals in bulk to ensure that you have high quality food/meals easily accessible when you need them.

"1-2 hours spent in the kitchen meal prepping can set you up for nutrition success for days!"

The process is also pretty easy.

  • Cook proteins, vegetables, dense carbs, and everything else you need to create your meals in bulk.

  • You can pre-make meals containers (referencing your body type recommendations) or you can leave the bulk cooked foods in your fridge and create your meals as you eat. This part is completely up to you and remember that the most important thing is that you find a system that works for you.

The goal is to provide compliant meals for your body type with high quality nutrient dense foods that you know will support health and your goals.

Strategy 2 | Scheduling

One very important strategy that we preach not just to all of our Reign Nutrition Coaching Clients but to all Reign members is Scheduling!

Taking 10-15 minutes to sit-down and schedule your challenge priorities into your weekly calendar can pay huge dividends throughout the week.

What can you schedule…

✅ ReignFIT, Barbell Classes, Personal Training, Small Group Training Sessions.

✅ What day or days you will complete challenges.

✅ Grocery Shopping Days.

✅ Meal Prep Days.

✅ Active Recovery Days.

Strategy 3 | Invest Time Into Moving Well

When it comes to challenges, it's important to understand that there will be an increase in physical activity and because of that we need to equally increase time spent managing our body.

Not only does mobility come into play for recovery, it can be utilized quickly before training to prime the body and prepare it for lot's of activity.

And the best part is...

Most of us know which area from body parts to joints will need the extra attention.

Check out the Reign Fitness Youtube Channel here for lot's of different drills and mobility exercises that you can incorporate into your own training routine.

Take a look at this video below that addresses wrist mobility, forearm function, and grip work that you can quickly utilize in your training.

Strategy 4 | Accountability