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Reign Fitness & Performance Teams Compete at Girls Gone Rx 2018

Reign Fitness Competition Teams are at it again and this time competing at Girls Gone Rx Comp going down in Bellingham, WA.

Come out with the Reign Fam, get rowdy and help us support the 5 (3 women) teams that we have going up to compete over the weekend!

It's an all day event so make sure to prepare for that, also most of our athletes will be headed up the night before so for more info in coordinating that please touch base with...

Coach Megan Mamiya, Coach Erika Otsu



From Girls Gone Rx: "Our competitions are put on to bring all types of women together through Competing for a Cure. Our all-women competition encourages fun and fitness while raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

This event benefits Bright Pink, so come out and Compete for a Cure. Fundraising is worth 8% of your event score."

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