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Always Remember Our Reign Family | Mayra Sanchez

Valentine's Day is always bittersweet for some of the Veteran Reign Fitness Members as we remember one of our very own who passed 3 years ago.

Mayra was not only a personal training client of mine for over 5 years but she naturally became one of my good friends. You get to know someone really well when you see them 2-4 times a week, every week, for over 5 years.

She also helped to form the family of clients that would surround me and unconditionally support me in the early part of my career.

For her belief in me...

I will be forever grateful.

Mayra did not have a single mean bone in her body and was truly the most genuine and kind hearted person. At the same time she was a feisty Mexicano Women that embraced her culture and was never afraid of a fight. She would never back down from anything.

She taught me all the spanish that I know to this day and the fact that it's all curse words or food references makes me smile. That was Mayra.

Mayra always worked hard, put her own shit on hold when she came into the gym so that she could give it her best, and over time... opened up to build relationships with my other personal training clients. (about 30 other founding members)

When I hit a tough time she was always there to cheer me up and drive me crazy at the same time. I could always count on her to do both.

When Mesha and I decided that we would start Reign, she was 155% behind me and was so proud to be a part of it. I can never repay her for this, for her belief in me, for her to extend her hand to help in anyway she could, for her strength when I needed it, and for having my back.

She would always tell me that we were familia and that we were homies. Mayra Sanchez ... you will always be familia.

Thank you Mayra for being a part of my life, for impacting the trajectory of my future, for reminding me that what I signed up for was leading a family/community and not really fitness at all, for believing in me when I was losing hope/confidence, for being a friend, for sharing your life with me, and for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Mayra you showed me that I needed to step up, grow up, and take on the role of a leader even when I wasn't ready... And by show me I mean you just told me straight up... she didn't always have a filter for peoples feelings.

I am so happy that you got to train in the new gym that you helped create and be a part of the Reign Family. (even though you were there 3 to 4 years before Reign ever existed)

I know you are in heaven smiling, proud of the community that you help start, inspire, and create. I promise that your energy and strength will continue to fuel our community for a long long time.

Mayra you will Be Forever Missed.

Mayra Sanchez (July 14th 1977 - February 14th 2016)

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