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Welcome New Reign Fitness Intern | Dawn L.

At Reign Fitness, we are dedicated to continually striving for excellence and finding leaders to join our team to help make an impact in our gym community.

One program we continually lean on to raise amazing Reign Leaders is our Internship program. It combines the opportunity to build trust and lasting relationships with members along with the necessary experience to Coach/Manage groups at a high level.

We're excited to introduce you to Dawn, one of our Reign Fitness Interns for the summer who has also been a Reign Member for almost 5 years!

As an intern, you'll see Dawn a little more each week starting with assisting coaches in classes, building experience where she can, and investing time into our community.

She always has a smile on her face, is ready to listen because she genuinely cares about everyone, and we can't wait for her to get started in her coaching journey. (Please make her feel welcome the next time you see her at the gym!)

In an effort to get to know Dawn better, we sent her a set of "Mini-Interview" questions, enjoy.

Here is Dawn...

Name: Dawn Lamance

Age: 29

1. Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in the Philippines and moved to Washington when I was 6. I grew up in Puyallup. Since undergrad, I’ve lived in the university district, Lake City, Lynnwood, and now I’m in Skyway.

I went to UW for undergraduate, graduated in 2012 and have been working in education and college access since then. I worked for a non-profit that helped juniors and seniors navigate the college application process and the transition from high school to college.

This led me to pursue a second degree in 2016. 3 years later and I’ve just finished my master’s program in school counseling and will start my counseling career in Lake Washington school district next academic year!

The Reign community helped me get through my program with their constant support and encouragement.

2. What made you want to coach, lead, and be a part of the Reign Community?

When I joined Reign Fitness in March 2015, I didn’t realize I would be where I’m at right now. I thought I was just going to join another gym, not attending class, and quit after a few months, like I always did with the big gym memberships. However, the warm welcome I got from the Reign coaches and the community set this gym apart. I’ve transformed physically and mentally since joining, gaining confidence with myself.

I’ve been a member for over 4 years and I’d like to extend my fitness journey by helping others with their own fitness journey.

I want members to know that they are not alone and that they have a whole community behind them.

3. Favorite cheat meal?


4. What kind of impact do you hope to make here at Reign?

I’m excited to work with the Reign Team to help strengthen our Reign community!

I’d love to help members start or continue their journey the same way the Reign coaches helped me when I first started. I also hope to teach members about the importance of work-life balance.

Having gone through my counseling program and working full-time, it took a lot more effort for me to get into the gym every day.

It was tough but I knew that if I couldn’t take care of myself, I couldn’t put in 100% of my school and work.

5. What are your goals or aspirations for 2019/2020?

As a new school counselor and diving into becoming a coach, my goal is to balance both and give the same amount of effort for both of them. Both roles are equally important to me.

It’s a passion of mine to work with people and help them strive to be better versions of themselves.

6. First CD you bought & Favorite Movie of all time...

It was either Britney Spears or Backstreet Boys. I’m a 90s pop girl.

Favorite movie of all time is Serendipity. I love the meaning of the word. I always said I was going to marry the man who takes me to Serendipity in New York. Never happened but husband did take me to Serendipity in Las Vegas. :)

7. What are your hobbies outside of the Fitness?

Hiking with my husband, hanging out with my nephews, eating with friends, and getting a nice solid tan!

8. What's your spirit animal?

A dolphin!

One, I like to be by the ocean.

Two, dolphin represents balance and harmony.

They remind us to approach life with a sense of joy and humor. I can relate to that.

9. Life words of wisdom or favorite quote? How has it influenced your life?

“Appreciate where you are in your journey. Even if it’s not where you want to be. Every season serves a purpose.”

This quote applies to all aspects of life. This helped me get through grad school and it also helps me with my fitness.

10. What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their fitness journey?

Be patient.

I’m pretty impatient so this was the one thing I really needed to embrace when I started.

11. One interesting fact about yourself?

People are always surprised to hear when I say that I was never an athlete growing up and never played sports ever. One interesting fact is that I waived my high school graduation PE requirement by taking an online class.

I was that lazy.

Thankful I found my way to health and fitness and have the opportunity to work with high school students so that they don’t do what I did.

12. Share one training or nutrition strategy that needs to be in everyone's toolbox.

Get out of your comfort zone!

In training, do something that challenges you.

In nutrition, eat that salad, even if you don’t like it.

13. Who do you look up to and why?

My parents gave up their careers in the Philippines, left my sisters and me for 3 years to live in the US, worked in the fish canneries in Alaska and in the fields in California to establish a foundation for us here.

They moved our family here when I was 6 and have been working at the same place to this day.

I’m forever grateful for their sacrifices!

14. Favorite memory in the last 5 years?

Marrying my best friend at our favorite vacation spot!

15. Favorite exercise? Why?


All variation of squats.

I’m short so that helps but I love the feeling of squatting down with heavy weights and driving back up. It’s the perfect analogy of life. When life knocks you down, you keep pushing and get back up!

16. Would you like to share or add anything?

I can’t wait to get started and get to know more of the community!

17. What are you most excited about joining the Reign Team and Reign Fitness Community?

I’m excited to learn from both the Reign Team and Reign Fitness Community! I don’t use Linkedin often but my title I wrote on there is that I am a Continuous Learner.

I love learning and I know I’m always going to learn and grow with each experience.


Fill In The Blank...

I Love...spending quality time with good people

I Am...always smiling

I Wish...I was in Hawaii

I Eat…tacos, pizza, sushi.. in moderation, of course.

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