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Reign Fitness Black Friday Deals

Reign Fitness is excited to announce that we have launched our Black Friday Deals and the biggest membership savings of the year!

We wanted to do a quick breakdown for you, expanding on each deal with the hopes to answer any questions you have.

This is an opportunity to not only commit to your fitness but get rewarded for investing in your health.


Our team is confident that after receiving a lot feedback from members who purchased Black Friday Deals in previous years, these are our best deals yet!

Check out the Reign Fitness Black Friday deals below.

Black Friday 5 Month Paid in Full Membership Deal

The Reign Fitness Black Friday paid in full membership is by far our most popular deal!

After lot's of feedback from the members who purchased this deal in previous years we made one big adjustment and that was the timeline for the membership.

Members shared:

  • The previous years deals of 12 months and 6 months were great deals but too much money at once. (Many members asked if payments could be split up quarterly or in half)

  • Other members shared that the 12 month and 6 month deals offered great savings but excluded a lot of the community from being able to take advantage of membership savings.

  • Members requested something less than 6 months.

"I really want to commit to my fitness and take advantage of the deal but wish there was a smaller option that everyone could benefit from."

We put our heads together and we're excited to announce the 5 month Paid in Full Membership with quarterly options.

"The goal was to provide the same savings benefits to members who wanted to commit to their health and fitness for 12 months but with the added benefit of affordable paid in full payments. "

  • The 5 months paid in full membership covers the remaining month this year (2023) and takes you through the first quarter 2024.

  • Once the deal expires, you will have the option to purchase another quarterly (4 month) paid in full membership.

  • Only members who purchase this paid in full deal will be eligible to continue to purchase the deals for the rest of the year (2024) at the same locked in price.

  • You get the same yearly savings without the larger up front cost.

We really hope that this change can provide more members the opportunity to save on memberships and feel good about committing to their health and fitness.

Black Friday 5 Month Paid in Full Couples Membership Deal

At Reign Fitness, we absolutely value families who commit to their health and fitness together.

This is why we offer a couples membership rate!

My wife and I have worked out together for 10+ years and there is not a doubt in my mind that I wouldn't have been able to stay consistent on this journey without her.

But when it came to joining a gym...

We quickly realized that financially, it could get tough if we both were paying full price.

So after we opened a gym, we knew instantly that we wanted to reward couples who dedicated themselves not only to their own fitness but to each other's fit journeys as well.

This year, we're excited to offer even more savings for the couples who train together with membership savings and the same quarterly benefits of the 5 month paid in full membership deal with options.

Black Friday Personal Training Deal

Whether you're looking to get started with personal training or you know you'll be picking up a session here or there through the year...

We wanted to provide a Black Friday Deal for anyone interested in individualized coaching.

Yes, you do see exponential growth with consistent personal training but it is equally beneficial to work with a coach intermittently in a session environment when it comes to fine tuning a movement (strength or olympic lifting) or prepping for something goal specific.

The individualized attention not only gives your coach an opportunity to see you move for many reps through a movement, it also gives you the chance to make adjustments and get direct feedback.

Even after one session, you can leave knowing specific areas to work on and more importantly the answers on how to improve them.

This deal gives you 10 sessions to utilize when you want and provides some amazing savings!

Black Friday Nutrition Coaching Deal

Nutrition Coaching can be a great catalyst to any fitness program.


Whether you're a beginner or experienced macro tracker, having a professional Nutrition Coach can give you so much insight into getting the results you want.

Having a coach is undoubtedly the best way to fast track your results.

But keep in mind that Nutrition Coaching isn't just a meal program with a what you can and can't eat list.

Our program is first based on understanding you and the demands of your lifestyle and matching them with fitness goals you want. The next step is creating a plan with real life action steps to help you get there.

The rest is accountability, helping you learn more about nutrition and how your body responds to everything, celebrating all the wins regardless of how small they seem, and lastly reviewing progress together so that we can make realistic adjustments.

With this deal we wanted to provide not only savings but a low risk high reward offer that anyone regardless of your fit level and experience could benefit from. We kept the timeline shorter but long enough to see real change and provided a savings amount that would reward commitment!

We can't wait to see you join our Nutrition Coaching Program!

All of these deals are live now and you can check them out here: Reign Fitness Black Friday Deals. In the case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out and email us at or you can reach Coach Mesha directly at

Also, don't miss out on some of the other Reign Fitness Workshops and Challenges Coming up! Learn more about them below.


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