Game Plan For The Season + How To Get A Head Start For Health & Fitness In 2019

The holiday season brings us special time with loved ones, opportunities to give love and support, and lot's of great memories. However, the season can also get jam packed with additional obligations and stressors. It's no secret that this is a busy time of the year for everyone. And... Despite the fact that some of these additional additions to your schedule can be wonderful things, like getting together with friends and family, it can also mean disruption to your normal routine. The combination of a disrupted and impacted schedule, additional stress, and an overflowing amount of regularly available sugary foods that you're not normally around can quickly lead to poor health habits. Too of

What Is Fiber And Why is It Important?

First things First... What Is Fiber? Fiber is a form of indigestible carbohydrate. We actually can't digest it because we do not produce the enzymes to break down the bonds found in fiber. There are two types of fiber: soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber attracts water and turns into a gel while being digested and it's found in nuts, vegetables, legumes, and grains. Insoluble fiber don't dissolve in water and can be found in vegetables, whole grains, and seeds. Since we don't produce the enzymes necessary to breakdown fiber, this allows it to enter the large intestine. Once it reaches the large intestine it acts as food for good bacteria. Having a healthy bacterial balance in your gut is ex

2018 November Committed Club

***2018 NOVEMBER COMMITTED CLUB*** Huge Shout out to all the Reign Members who completed 20+ classes this month. We are so Proud of you! Also, A special shout out to Will Saguilla for completing his 1 year COMMITTED!!! SUPER COMMITTED (25+ classes): Elmer Raimundo - 37 classes (11) Wil Saguilla - 30 classes (12) Cathy Gagne - 28 classes (16) Roneida Griffith - 28 classes (7) Nicole-Ann Rodis - 26 classes (18) Sharmy Fischer Johnson - 26 classes (18) COMMITTED(20+ classes): Dawn LaMance - 24 classes (2) Mi W. Cho - 24 classes (18) Jimmy Huynh - 23 classes (18) Gilfred Rodis -22 classes (17) Jessica Gassner Schott - 22 classes (16) Kelly Lambert Smith - 22 classes (16) Tom Campbel

Burpee-Thon 2018 & Movember Results

It's been an incredible Movember month for the 25 Reign Fitness men that participated on our team this year. We teamed up to take on Men's Health and bring some serious awareness to this not so talked about issue. To help raise awareness we… Grew facial hair, led by example, and shared our stories! And to raise money, we did burpees, we did 6,793 burpees. The 6,793 burpees that our Reign Fitness Men did last Friday helped raise over $2500. A huge shout out goes to every single individual who donated to our team. Thank you!

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