What Shoes To Train In? My All Time Favorite

I’ve tried so many different types of shoes, sometimes it’s hard to determine which shoe will be the best for my training that day.

At Reign Fitness and Performance, we lift, run, do burpees, and so many other movements. I’ve been in training sessions where I change my shoes 2-3 times depending on what I’m working on, but I just want to train with one pair that will accommodate everything.

I have three shoes that I’ve tried and have ranked them from my favorite to least favorite depending on my personal preference.

Shoe #1 Reebok Nano 8

These shoes are hands down my all-time favorite shoe!

They offer the stability I need when I’m doing Olympic lifting movements. I like to be able to feel the floor as much as I can and these shoes do it for me. I ran a mile in these shoes and the flexibility of the shoe was great.

My feet didn’t cramp up and I felt like I could of gone for another 2 miles and still feel good. Lastly, these shoes are lightweight and very durable! They still look pretty new and I’ve had them for a while now.

Shoe #2 No Bull

My Nobull's are awesome and I love to