Best Hip Circle Drills To Warmup The Hips And Get The Glutes Activated Before A Workout

The reality is...

Sometimes the class dynamic warmup isn't enough.

This is especially true if you're an athlete (like me) who has a tough time with tight hips, glute activation, and mobility.

If that's the case, spending a little time before class priming your trouble areas and getting them ready can really make a huge difference in your workout.

In this post, I want to share a few drills that you can incorporate quickly into your warmup routine that will help warmup the hips, re-enforce good movement patterns, and also aid in muscle activation.

For all of these drills we will be utilizing the hip circle.

Reign Fitness has them available on the warmup rack and they come in a few different sizes so make sure to check the tags.

And for all of these drills, the hip circle will be positioned in the same spot.

Right above the knees and just shy of halfway on the quads.

You may see some set and rep recommendations for each of these drills but keep in mind that you want to be utilizing the drills that help you the most. Allocate more time to the areas that need more attention.

I really like to stack all of these drills into one long circuit and then repeat for rounds after a little break.


Hip Circle Lateral Walks x 10 reps L/R

Hip Circle Lateral Seated Squat Walks x 10 reps L/R