The Open is Here At Reign | 19.1 Tips

The Open 19.1 Tips

15 Minute AMRAP

19 Wall Balls

19 Calorie Row



Tip #1 | Breakdown and Game Plan

This workout is 15 minutes of a pull (on the rower), a push (wall ball throw), and squats.

- The first thing I’m looking at is the time domain. 15 minutes is not really a short workout and is going to require some pacing but because it’s an open workout, it also means there’s going to be a little sprint at the end.

My suggestion: Pace until you have about 3-4 minutes left where you are going to have to just buckle up and go after it.

- I’m thinking that if you’re pushing at a moderately high level, both of these movements will be able to get done in 2 minutes. (Row = 55s/1m and Wall Ball = 40s) Maintain this pace with a sprint at the end and we’re looking at almost 7-8 rounds.

Tip #2 | Warm-up

With a workout that requires lots of wall balls and rowing you will get warm quickly but getting your body moving well going into the wall balls is going to be a big bonus. Spend time getting ankles and hips mobile along with glutes firing to grind through lots of wall balls.

Tip #3 | Get Your Set-up Down For The Wall Ball

To find the right distance away from the rig for wall balls, I like to grab the ball and hold straight out in front of me until touching the rig. This is an ideal distance to help you do wall balls efficiently and a small step that you can take before you start the workout to really help you perform at your best.

Tip #4 | Focus on Row Technique