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How To Find Your Drive When You Feel Like You've Lost Motivation

November 15, 2018

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Get To Know Newest Reign Team Member | Ashley C.

April 1, 2019


Last week, we announced Ashley and Brittany joining the Reign Team as our newest Admin/Member Relations Team! 


We are beyond excited to have these two amazing ladies who are passionate about our community working hard to make our Reign Community even better. 


But first… 


We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to learn a little more about them so, we sent them a little interview style questionnaire to answer. 


Hope you all enjoy and make sure to say Hi the next time you see them at the Gym working out or behind the Front Desk! 


Here is Ashley! 




I know both of you are transplants to Seattle. Where is your hometown and what brought you to Seattle? What were your first thoughts about coming here?



I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. My husband, Scott (also a Reign member), was an aspiring Brewer and there weren’t a ton of craft breweries in the southeast at that time. One of my childhood friends lived out here so we came to visit and fell in love with the scenery (there’s a volcano here?!?) and craft beer scene.


We honestly loved it from Day 1. We’re explorers at heart and the PNW is a whole new place for us to explore.



What do you miss about your hometown?


I miss my friends and family. We’ve made new friends and created our own family here, but it’s definitely hard being away from our parents, especially since having a kid.


I also miss having other UGA fans around - no one out here cares about Georgia Football like we do! Oh and central air conditioning!


Everyone said “it’s only hot a couple weeks out of the year” - the results are in, and THAT WAS A LIE!



What is your favorite thing about Seattle?


It’s beautiful.


There are REAL mountains here (the Northeast Georgia Mountains are just big hills), lakes, the sound….it’s gorgeous.



What (who) brought you to Reign? How long have you been training with Reign?


I started low-key stalking Reign on social media back in Fall 2017 before we moved from West Seattle to Renton. I knew I wanted to get into a gym to get out of the house more and drop the baby weight, but I was too chicken to come in by myself.


I ended up signing up for the New Years Challenge on Black Friday and managed to talk a couple of friends into joining me.


I officially started in January 2018 and haven’t looked back.



What is the most significant change - whether social, physical, mental…you have experienced since you have been here?