An Update For Reign Barbell Athletes | 4 Tips For Lift Off (Mostly For Squats)

As most of you already know... Our current strength program for Reign Fitness Barbell Classes is coming to a climax this week with a 1 Rep Max PR Attempt in 3 lifts going down on Saturday at The Cinco De Mayo Lift Off. No, this isn't required but we wanted to take a second and encourage everyone to participate. Not only is it an opportunity to showcase all of the hard work you've put in the last 8 weeks but it's a chance to do it with all of your training partners, together. We'll have spotters there to help, Reign Coaches supporting you, and of course Reign Fam cheering you on. Register by emailing Coach Jodeci at Ok For This week... We will still be moving, lifting we

Reign Fitness Cinco De Mayo Lift Off

The wait is over... In just two weeks, Reign Fitness will be hosting our very First Lift Off. The Lift Off will be an opportunity for our community to get together, support each other, and watch some of our AWESOME Reign Members lift some heavy weight. We will still be holding morning ReignFIT classes at 7am and 8am however the 9am class will be closed for the Lift Off! Competitors Information: In order to get signed up for this lift off, please email Once you email in... You will receive an Athlete Registration form to fill out via email and in the email you'll be given the lifts with their points of performance, expectations as an athlete, and other information about

New Member Spotlight | Mick

With new faces popping up at Reign Fitness everyday, we wanted to take a second to get to know our New Reign Fam members. Today we are excited to feature Mick! Make sure to say hi and give him a high five or fist bump the next time you see him at the gym. 1. What or who brought you to Reign? Megan Morrison, my sister, brought Reign to my attention but ultimately it was a need to get healthy that made me get the ball rolling. 2. Do you have any pets/kids? If so, how many? I have a beautiful 6-month old baby girl named Emmelia and I also have a 3 year old Bullmastiff names Gus. 3. What are some of your health and fitness goals? My main goal is to kick type-2 diabetes in the teeth and getting r

Life @ Reign Episode 1

A lot goes down at Reign Fitness each and everyday. Follow Coach Jodeci as she checks out some different classes, talks with different members, and hangs out.

Reign Coach Spotlight | Coach Jodeci

With the popularity of our Member Spotlights that have been helping our Reign community get to know each other... We thought it would be equally awesome to put the spotlight on each one of our Reign Fitness coaches. And to kick things off... Here is Jodeci. Name: Yadira Jodeci Jimenez (Majority of people think Jodeci is my first name lol) Age: 21 years old Occupation: Reign Coach Years As A Coach At Reign: 2 years 1. What (who) brought you to Reign? My mom found Reign Fitness and Performance and signed me up for a membership. After my first class, sweat dripping, heart racing and couldn’t catch my breath; I immediately fell in love. I knew I wanted to train as an athlete and I would come to

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