The Challenger Experience | Lauren V.

What motivated you to join the challenge? PJ and I were in need of a hard reset. The challenge is exactly what it is called, a CHALLENGE, something that PJ and I always take seriously when it is within our power to succeed. As many of you know we have been with Reign since the beginning and have done many of the challenges, so we knew this would be exactly what we needed to pull us out of our rut of eating whatever we wanted while quarantined at home! What were some of the goals you had for the challenge? I wanted to feel and be healthier. I wanted to feel better in my post baby body, for the third time. It is such a hard process to get through and it was definitely daunting to think about t

The Challenger Experience | Reina H.

What motivated you to join the challenge? I needed some extra accountability to continue getting back in shape after Evan's birth. I had started training with Mesha in February and got back into the gym right before the pandemic. I didn't want all that hard work to go to waste and I knew that I needed a little extra push to keep up with the workouts at home so the challenge seemed like the perfect opportunity. What were some of the goals you had for the challenge? To be honest I did not set any firm goals in terms of weight loss because I wasn't sure what to expect and how this would go with new routines at home, breastfeeding, change in diet, etc. However, I did set some goals for myself in

The Challenger Experience | Ashley J.

What motivated you to join the challenge? Being on quarantine definitely motivated me to do the challenge. As a way to get back on track diet wise. What were some of the goals you had for the challenge? My number one goal was to stick to the diet and fasting 100%. Also while working out I made it a goal to not stop because I was a little tired but to push past that uncomfortable feeling What was your experience with working out, doing challenges, fitness? What did you do? My experience working out wasn’t anything too different. Before the challenge I worked out 4-5 days a week but adding a challenge, plus the days workout was a bit difficult. One big thing I did was made a schedule for mysel

The Challenger Experience | PJ V

What motivated you to join the challenge? Its been 2 years since I was a regular member, I was a regular at small group and I never missed a challenge since Albert and Mesha opened Reign, but timing became an issue after the birth of our 3rd kid. Things on our end are starting to settle down so might as well jump back into it. What were some of the goals you had for the challenge? Long term goals, I want to keep my cholesterol levels and blood pressure as far away from the high levels. I have a family history of hypertension, type2 diabetes, etc.,.This last year, at my annual checkup, they informed me that my numbers are straddling the danger zone...felt scared at first, but I knew who could

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